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The Ultimate Video Game Party

If you’ve got a gamer in the house and want to throw the most epic gamer party possible, you’ve come to the right place. A Gameplex party is the best way for your child and their friends to battle it out in Fortnite, build for hours in Minecraft, or race to victory in Mario Kart. That’s just a few of their gaming possibilities.

  • We setup in your home, club house, or event hall
  • We staff the event and make sure everyone has a BLAST
  • We pack up, clean up, and head to our next party

Gameplex is special because we come to your house with all the equipment, games, consoles, and screens needed to create the coolest multiplayer gamer party possible. We will also provide staff for your event to make sure everyone is having fun, is included, and playing what they want with who they want.

We have a variety of equipment configurations that allow us to setup in virtually any space. We’ve run events in living rooms, back yards, club houses, and event halls. We even ran an event in a cave once! Our only requirement is electricity and a place for your guests to get comfortable.

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The Keys to a Gameplex Party

We create the ultimate video game party for your special boy or girl to make it the best party possible.

  • Everyone plays
  • We come to you
  • We staff the event
  • Not just an equipment rental
  • Easy to schedule, easy to host
  • You can play too!

Common Questions

How does this work?

We keep things simple by coming to you. We bring all the equipment: game consoles, TVs, sound and lights to your location, handle all the setup, and staff the event to keep the fun going.

How long is an party?

We generally recommend our most popular 2-hour event, but will gladly customize the duration based on your unique needs.

How many kids can play?

We can entertain a wide variety of group sizes, but we recommend a group size between 8 and 18 to keep things manageable. If you are planning for more guests, let us know and we can work with you on that.

How much space do you need?

We need at least a 12'x12' area to setup and allow attendees to game comfortably. Depending on your options, more space may be required. Our event sales staff can help you plan your space needs effectively.

What games do you bring?

We bring a variety of games, so there is sure to be something for everyone. We focus on multiplayer games that let your guests team up and play together.

“We ordered the Gameplex package. The kids loved it! The booking was easy, the equipment and staff arrived on time. My son wants to do the same party for his next birthday.” - Angie L. (via Yelp)

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